Saturday, October 1, 2011

High School Football

We went to Waynesville last night to watch my nephew play football, and no major mishaps for me this time--yea!   (I'm still dealing with a pretty major bruise from last week's mishap.)   We watched the game from the sidelines because their visitor's bleachers were terrible--couldn't see a thing.  Sorry, my pictures aren't real good because I needed a tripod, so bear with me here, okay?

It was a fun game; our boys were playing great--just wish we could have had a better view of the action.

Erin took a pic of us here.  Smile, honey!

Waynesville's halftime entertainment faced the home team, and it was their homecoming, but we could see a little of it.  This was actually our view of the field from the lousy visitor's bleachers, but when the boys were playing, our boys on the sidelines blocked our view.
I tried to get a close up shot, and this is the best I could do without a tripod.

This last shot is right after our boys made a touchdown.  By the way, our boys won 42 to 14.
There is nothing else quite like High School Football.  It's even more fun when it's your nephew out there.  We never had a son, so that's as close as we can get to the sport.  My brother used to play when he was in High School, but I wasn't into the sport much back then.  I was more into having fun with my sister, Paula, and our friends, so we didn't pay much attention to the game. 
Our oldest daughter was in the drum corps years ago, and we really enjoyed that.  I wish we could watch our grandsons play basketball, but they live too far away.  I'm so glad we have our nephew to watch--FUN!

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