Monday, October 31, 2011

Country Roads

We went for a drive after church and lunch yesterday.
The leaves are beautiful--pretty close to peak in their color now.
The country roads are just beautiful.

Just look at the color of these oaks.  Oaks aren't really known for their fall color, but these have some beautiful color.

I like the beautiful sky reflection on our windshield.

We went down to the Finley River.  Here's Erin checking the water's temperature. 
Our daughter brought her camera, too, and I know her pics are better than mine.  These pics are okay though.

Erin and hubby here.  It was such a beautiful day that the Lord made.  I marvel at His creation.  Mere words cannot express the beauty and sheer wonder of it all.  I'm thankful for the eyes He gave me to see it.

Here's hubby and me at the river bank.
This next picture is leading to my next post about something down by the river.  It's in the extreme background, but I don't think you can make it out.  Don't you just love a mystery?  My kids will know what's down by the Finley River.  I'll tell you about it next post.  There's just too many pictures for one post, (unless I could learn how to post pictures like Martha Stewart, that is).

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