Thursday, February 27, 2014

More Teatowels

It's been a while since I posted--my life is no longer my own.  Everything is shared when you're retired.  I finished another set of tea towels--now I need to find another hand project.  I sew while hubby reads.
My Bible study is going well, and I'm getting the hang of our new retirement.  I'm the nerd of the family, and hubby is the free spirit in our finances, according to Dave Ramsey.  I handle it and he checks in occasionally to see how it's going.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sister Birthday Luncheon

We had our Sister Birthday Luncheon yesterday--too much fun.  I think the waiter had a lot of fun trying to be one of the sisters--ha-ha!
I also think he was wondering if we were ever going to leave--we like to visit.
Lookie what I got!  Boy am I going to have fun with these.
This is from both of my sisters--I arranged the groups of colors for different projects--my head is swimming with ideas.
It's starting to snow again--my Bible Studies are canceled today, because our schools are closed.  We are expecting 2-5 inches today.
I love the snow, and about the time I get tired of it, it melts--how great is that.