Friday, October 28, 2011


This is actually a picture of my nephews Joplin Football Game, but I didn't have my camera last night, and I can't post without a picture--that would just be wrong.
We saw two ballgames yesterday, and both were exciting--I am now hoarse.  I hollered a lot at the first one.  My nephews team won again 35 to 7 against Republic.  This game was more of a challenge for them. They won their division, and now they go to the playoffs.  It was fun watching my nephew play; it might have been his best night this year.  We also saw history being made.  Doriel Green Beckham set the U. S. record for High School in the most yards rushed.  He's quite a player and I'm glad I got to see it.  This morning my throat is still a little raw.  I get excited. 

We came home to watch the most exciting game on T.V.  Our Cardinals came back again to win game 6 of the World Series--that was stressful and exciting.  I got pretty excited here at home too.  I thought I was going to miss the game, and I did miss part of it.  When we got home the Cards were behind by three runs, 4 to 7, and it didn't look good, then they caught up a couple more times, and won in the bottom of the eleventh inning, 10 to 9.  It was just wow.  I just love a good ball game, and I had two in one night.

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