Saturday, October 8, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

My nephew and his team were playing Rolla last night on our home field.  It was a such a beautiful night--not too hot, or too cold.  I really enjoy these games--SO MUCH FUN!

The days are getting shorter, and it gets dark pretty quickly now.

Here we girls are--Me, daughter-Erin, sister-Donna, and sister-Alice.
Boy, I have to tell you that Donna looks just like our mother here. Alice and I look more like our daddy. It's funny how you see resemblances easier in photos. It sure shows up in this photo anyway.

Here the guys are:  brother-in-law Ken, and hubby....

and brother-in-law Dale.

My nephew, Scott was playing in this action shot.  He's pretty much a blur here.  (I don't think my camera is very good for this subject.)   Anyway, Scott got the ball when their team was doing an ON SIDE KICK, which was a turnover, because the other team was suppose to receive.  Wahoo!
Yea, Scott!---good play.  Our team won 40 to 19--Yea, again!  Boy, I hate for these games to end, but they will before too long----Boo-Hiss.

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