Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Stitching

I'm ready for some Fall stitching--this puts me in the mood--I just want to make pumpkins, or a Fall wall quilt for my front door.  By the time I got it finished, it would probably be time for a snow man wall hanging.  Maybe I should just go back to my never ending applecores.

Eye Candy!
I found this magazine article, and I was ready to make a pincushion, and scissors holder.  I did it in short order, too.
I just used stash, and I didn't have much orange, so I made do with what I had.  My pumpkin's a little on the yellow side, but I still like it.

We--hubby, Erin, and I have been helping my sister, and her hubby paint their house.  We worked just one night, but I must tell you, my hubby is a work horse--so is my sister's hubby.  I kinda petered out after a while--I'm not much of an evening person; I did help some though.  I went and picked up some burgers too, so I guess I'm good for something.

One more down!  This is my hubby's sense of humor.   We have about 9 traps, and each one has a different name:  "Heaven Bound, Ol' Snapper, Thundering Billy, Ol' Number Nine, Lightening Rod, Mousie Gray, Sudden Death, Mickey, and Killer".  We still have at least one more little mouse evading our traps.  He set one of them off, but somehow got free.  I had him trapped in the closet for a while, too, but the sneaky little thing got free.  He left a mess for me to clean up though.
I think I've set off more traps than the mice have.  Yesterday I lined them up across the hallway, and this morning I set three of them off on my bare feet.  I may have woke the neighbors up with my squeal.


  1. Love the scissors holders, those would make wonderful presents.

  2. cute scissor holder and pin cushion. Is that a current magazine? You want to share the name??

  3. Bonnie, It's Simple Quilts Magazine--Winter 2011. I just picked it up the other day.

  4. Very cute pin cushion and holder.

    I had a mouse problem several years ago and someone suggested hot gluing the cheese to the trap. It worked!


  5. Those are the cutest scissor holders.

  6. Love your projects. Your pumpkin is a perfect color. Good luck with that evasive mouse. It hasn't got cold enough for them to move in at my office yet. But they will.