Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Found Chicken And A Finish

In an effort to clean, and straighten my sewing room a little--thanks to Mr. Mouse, I found two missing pin cushions.  They were stashed away with a couple of UFOs.  The whole time I was cleaning, I was hoping I would find them.   I've been missing my sweet little chicken---my ivy pincushion, too (pout).  I was thinking I would have to make them both again.  I have a bad habit of reorganizing things, all the while thinking this is a better place for this----when will I figure this out?---leave it in the same spot, so I can find it when I need it!!  Arg!

Here's my finish.
My Retro Journal Cover.................
I enjoyed making this, but I also learned a few things:

1.  Plan a color scheme
2.  Sketch out the design before cutting things out
3.  Use Joanna's applique method--it's way cool!
4.  Even if you don't like how it looks,  someone else might
(my sister and daughter like it)
5.  Use cotton for the backing (I didn't, I used woven polyester--and I know better, sheesh!)
6.  Batting would be nice, too
7.  I enjoy doing fancy embroidery stitches

I kind of like it; maybe it will grow on me.

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