Sunday, June 23, 2013

Iowa and Beyond

Third Iowa trip post:
We went to a quilt show while in Iowa, but I forgot to take pictures.  There were a couple of really nice quilts that I wish I had taken pictures of, one of them a pickle dish.  The quilt shop was in the building on the right.  The guys dropped us off and went elsewhere, so after the show we went to the nearby park--Britt, Jen and Erin here.
Here's our cute grand daughter Britt.
The flowers in Iowa were beautiful.
Their roses were in full bloom---our roses here were just about done blooming.
On a side note, we had a potluck at my sister's house last night.  My niece is full term and expecting a girl---after 3 boys.  A great niece, Meagan, was visiting her Nana.
The food was yummmy!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Feet and Toes

Second post of Iowa trip.
Here we are from top to bottom---Hubby, Cole, Cyle, Brit, Erin, Jen, Chas, and Me.
Erin doing toe touches across the Iowa-Nebraska line over the Missouri River.
It took a few tries for me to get the toe-touch pictures with her fingers actually touching her toes.  A few jumps, and a little coaching from her on how to click at the right moment (a very small window of opportunity).
Here's Jen and I's version of the toe-touches.  Wheee!
I took these pics in the beach area, but the light was too low to actually capture the toe-touches.
These pics reminds me of when she was little--ha-ha!
 All us girls took our shoes off--the guy's didn't.
What's a beach without sand between your toes?  Fun.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Iowa Trip

We went to Iowa to see our oldest daughter, Jen and her family.  One of the things we did while we were there was to walk the Pedestrian Bridge over the Mighty Missouri River.
It was a beautiful evening stroll and the weather was wonderful--cool and very pleasant.
The Missouri River here.
It was fun being with our kids, and grand kids.
The middle of the bridge crosses over into Nebraska.
I took a close-up of the sunset with special setting on my camera.
I will have more pics later of our trip. 
 I'm always a little stunned after a trip--it's hard getting back into the groove. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Red Hexie Bag Finish

I finally did it.  It was a long project--piecing the little hexies and then hand quilting it took the longest time for this bag.  Oh well, it's done now.
Fun bag.  It doesn't hold as much as my last bag but it will be lighter, and that's good.
The handles are large, but I may like them.  It has buttons on the side so it will open up wider.  I think I'm gonna like that feature.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

UFO Finish and Summer Class

I finished my Tree Tea Towel project.  All nine tea towels finished.  Here are the last two.  It's nice to finish a project that I started many moons ago.  I hope to finish my red hexie quilted purse soon.
On Wednesday nights I'm helping teach a cake decorating class to kids.  Some kids get it.
And some don't.  It's fun anyway.
This week they learned about borders, next week they'll learn about writing, and the third week they'll learn about flowers.  The fourth week we'll have a show and tell to parents--with pictures.  They take their work home each week--to eat.  Yum!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gagets And Memorials

I made another couple of thimble holders; the small one has a felt roll of applique pins inside it for my scissors fob.  The big one has two of my favorite thimbles and a couple of needles in my needle grabber.
On Memorial Day we remembered our parents.  Erin, Me, and Alice here at our Mom and Dad's grave (Grand Parents in Erin's case).
While we were there we went by the old homestead--The people who bought it are taking care of it nicely.
This year Hubby's Mom was remembered--she passed away almost a year ago.
Hubby and Erin here.  While we were there we ran into Erin's pediatrician's nurse from when Erin was little and she recognized Erin.  It's a small world.