Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Goodbye Flowers

It has turned cold---34 degrees right now, this morning, and it's supposed to frost and freeze tonight.  I wish I had a green house for these.  They are so full and gorgeous that I hate to see them die.
The fern on the front porch did fairly well with getting a half day's sun.   My flower beds look tired.
 Or, maybe it's me that's tired---of watering that is.

Soon I will be digging these elephant ears up, and storing them for the winter in the garage.  That will be a monumental task.  I'll need a sharp knife, and a sharp spade.  I will wait for a warmer day though.

Dahlias need to be dug up as well. 
(Sorry for the blurry photo, but it's too cold to take another one.)

I have been so surprised at how well the zinnias did.  So tall, and they did produce an abundance of flowers even with a little less sun than they needed.  I should pick one more bouquet for my MIL.
I will miss my flowers, but I am tired of watering them all.  I am always ready for a new season.  I don't enjoy winter as much though.  By spring I will be rarin' to go---I hope, that is.

My herbs, on the other hand need to come inside----my house is too small to house all these.  I probably will just bring in the rosemary, parsley and thyme.  Or maybe just the rosemary.
I only have this week's study left in Leviticus, and it has been incredibly rich.    We will start a study of Deuteronomy in January---Boo-hoo, such a long time.

On another note, we caught 3 more mice, and I think they are all gone now--Yeah! 
I think they are cute, but not in my house.

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  1. Your flowers are beautiful!
    I agree about the mice. We always have trouble since we live in the country in an old house.