Wednesday, September 9, 2015


We just returned from a trip to our daughter's home in Iowa.  Ton's of fun.
We went swimming, and the dog entertained us a lot. 
The grand kids entertained us, and my hubby made a bunch of videos that I am enjoying now.
They are getting a new house with a pool--this one here.

The day we left we went with Jen and Cole to the Dr.  They had a nice salt water aquarium there, so I got a pic.  Our grand daughter, Brittany, and her fiancé, Cody love aquariums as do we. 
We all went to a few aquarium shops with them while we were there.  We got some Java Moss for our aquarium.  It is on the rock stack.
When we got home we bought some more plants.  The shops we went to in Omaha were very inspiring.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Glory of God Declared!

I've taken several beautiful sky pics this week.

This one through our moon roof.

Spectacular!  I have so much fun looking up.  No one can outdo God's glory.