Friday, September 30, 2011

Retro Fabric

I tried Joanna's method when I made the acorns.  I talked about the method yesterday, and I found the tutorial.  The reason I couldn't find it on her blog was because she posted it on Sew Mama Sew.  Click on that, and you'll find it, if you're interested.
I absolutely love this method--it takes all the frustration out of applique.
I just drew some acorn parts on freezer paper, cut them out, and painted on the starch around the seam allowance, folded and ironed it.
Next, after popping out the double freezer paper cut outs, I glue basted them in place.
Stitching them down only took a couple of minutes.  The cap of the acorn was made of loose weave cloth so I spray starched it first.  If I had tried to needle turn this it would have been extremely hard and would have looked terrible.
I don't seem to be sticking with a color scheme, so I am making it a little too gaudy for my taste.
I am embroidering semi-fancy stitching down the seam lines now.  I think I will add embroidery veins to the leaves, and maybe a little definition to the acorns--we'll see.
This pic shows a close up of some of my embroidery.  I am enjoying it even though I'm not crazy about the colors.  Erin said she liked the retro fabric I used in the base of the project.  It does take me back in time to the Good Ole Days.

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