Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reunion Place

This is what I was hinting about yesterday in my post.  The bridge named after my husbands family.  Just past the bridge is the "camp ground"  where the reunion takes place every year without fail.  This year was the hundred and twenty-first annual reunion.  As you can guess there are the old folks who know each other and lots of young people that only a few know.  Unless you go every year, you're in the dark as to who belongs to who.

Many years ago I started a painting of the bridge, and never finished it.  The clouds are finished, but the lower part is just an under painting.  It's in oils, and I just haven't had the inspiration to finish it.  MY BAD!--as they say.  I went ahead and hung it anyway.  I mostly finished the bridge, but I need to finish the trees, grass, and road.  I have a picture of the bridge that I took years ago that I was going by, where the floor of the bridge was just boards.  It's paved now, and I can't remember if there were guard rails in that picture or not, but here it is, as is, with my hubby standing on it looking over the edge.
And one with the light off.

You can see the Finley River in this picture.  The water level is a little lower than normal.

Our baby daughter is taking pics on the bridge here.

Here's a view looking north from the other side of the bridge.

My handsome hubby.

Looking into the water from the bridge.

Now, looking down river to the west from the bridge....

and to the east, up river.

Here's the camp ground which is just past the bridge.  There is a well by the pavillion.  They bring in stoves, refridgerators, food, cooking equipment, and a cook. 
Also a portable bathroom or two. It takes place in August, and
it lasts for a week, and many bring their tents, etc., and camp on the grounds. 
The kids play in the river, and float it on inner tubes.  Sometimes they have hayrides, and things like that.  Sometimes they have a little entertainment.  There's a big dinner every night where the local family members contribute dishes for pot luck to add to the meal.  One cousin has a motel in the nearby town where many stay; he is also a state representative. 
On Friday night before the meal everyone lines up on the long north side of the pavilion for a picture, and they use it to send out invitations for the next year on a post card.  It's a pretty big deal.
After the meal on Friday night they have a business meeting which includes read obits of those who have passed on, skits, songs, plus many other business type things where they elect officers for the coming year, collect money, and so on.
My hubby's father is pretty proud of his family's traditions, never misses, and knows alot of the people.

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