Monday, September 19, 2011


We went to see Professional Bull Riding Saturday night with our daughter Erin.  It was pretty interesting.  We got our tickets kind of late so we didn't get the best seats in the world, but we really liked where we were sitting because we got to watch the behind the scenes moving of the bulls.

In the picture below you can see some of the bull pens with a ton of gates.  Moving them around was pretty tricky business.  We could see three cowboys back there opening and shutting gates while protecting themselves from the bulls.  They had to move them from their pens to the shutes to be ridden, and back to their pens afterward--it was quite an orchestration.  I think I enjoy this more than the bull riding.

The first guy out of the shute nearly got trampled when he fell off of the bull--scarry!  Erin didn't get a picture of that.  Here's one she did get though.

Another one here.
One bull was too mean to ride so they had to let him out to get him back to his pen.  He didn't want to go back into the shute either.  The guy on the horse had to lasso him and have his horse pull him back into the shutes.  It was all very interesting.  He had to lasso about 4 or 5 different bulls altogether, and he never missed either.

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