Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Journal Cover

New Project--Apple Cores are boring the living daylights out of me, so on to something else.
Another Journal Cover.  (I bought 5 Composition Notebooks when the school supplies were on sale last month.)  A friend gave me her material and I sorted it into wovens and knits & silky-lacy groups.  I also sorted the colors into groups.  I just had to get my hands on some of this material, so I cut several strips and one 12 by 27" piece, then started stitching the strips on the big piece.
Next, I drew some leaves on freezer paper, cut them out, pinned them on, and started hand needle turn stitching.  I do enjoy applique.  I wanted to try a method I found on some one's blog where you iron the freezer paper on the right side of your fabric, pin it down, and then needle turn stitch them down.  I'm not sure I like this method.  I want to try Joanna's method next.  I tried to find her tutorial again, but got tired of looking for it on her blog, but basically it's double freezer paper cutouts ironed to the wrong side then cut out larger with seam allowance.  Spray starch (from a small container that you have sprayed starch into) brushed on the seam allowance, and iron the seam allowances folded over the freezer paper.  Gently remove the freezer paper, and iron again.  Stash them in a baggie until ready to glue baste them down.  It's then ready to stitch down without pins catching your thread as you sew, and no needle turn involved, just pleasant stitching.  You don't have to cut holes in the backside to get the paper out either.  It's a lot of prep work, but worth it, in my opinion.
I want to add some acorns, and special embroidery stitching on the seams of the back ground.  Hopefully, I can trim this one up right and not have to add binding to the edge, but who knows that might improve this cover as it did the last one.
This may need more embellishment than I have planned so far, but we'll see.
I just fuss with it until I'm satisfied---seams to be the method of operation I enjoy most.

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