Thursday, September 22, 2011


Well, I got distracted while working on this project and made some boo-boos.
First, I cut the batting too small, and didn't notice until it was already quilted. 

Second, I sewed the lining on in the wrong place, and trimmed it, which made it too short to stitch the pocket flaps down. 

After thinking about how to fix it, this morning I decided to disguise the area where the quilting stopped too soon with some black and yellow patchwork squares.  To fix the shortness of the cover, I added black binding to the top and bottom.  It's been machine stitched down, but I still need to hand stitch it to the back side.  Then I will hand stitch the pocket flaps in place.
I was just flying by the seat of my pants when I started this, and didn't stop to measure as much as I should have.  I like it better with the black fabric added to it, so I'm glad I made the boo-boos.
I'm going to my sister, Alice's today for Craft Day--I will work on this and Apple Cores.  I'm taking Tuna-Egg Salad Sandwiches to go with her Potato Soup.  My niece Niki is bringing crumbled bacon for the soup---that's just what I know about--I'm sure there will be more food from our other nieces.  Niki always brings dessert too.  Yum!

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