Friday, September 23, 2011

I Have A Finish

It's nice to have a finish on a sewing project.  Now I can get back to the Apple Cores; maybe this finish will carry me while I work on the apple cores.  Apple Cores are The. Slowest. Project. Ever.

Every time I work on curved piecing it's labor intensive, but especially so on handpiecing; it was nice to finish something quickly.

Look at my creeping thyme I started in March---it's a Woolly Mammoth.
I may need to stick this in a bigger pot to winter over.
It's officially Fall now, and it's cool.  Nice.

We went to my nephews football game last night, and they won 35 to 8.  Fun, fun.  Going back to the car was not fun---I was walking between cars and didn't see a curb--down I went.  I had lots of layers on which protected me somewhat, but I groaned in bed a lot last night--taking a spill when you are older--NOT NICE.

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