Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Third Workday

Another Saturday, another workday--yeah!  I love these workdays.
I got this end of the flower bed cleaned up.

Hubby cut back all the overgrowth--thank you hubby!  What a job.

He even set our work space up to give us shade and a fan--WOW!  What a guy.  I still wound up with a terrible burn on my back.  I wore a skimpy tank top to get some sun, and I got some alright.

I salvaged more rocks--this sifter really helps.  I load it with rocks and dirt, then we get on each end and move it back and forth--Wa-la--rocks without dirt.

This is what it looked like after we got it cleaned up.  We loaded up the pick-up, and took the debris to the leaf dump.

Here's what the mess is now; lots of tangled  vines and roots to remove.  This part is slow work.  It will take me working mornings for a week to get this all up.

When we went to the leaf dump, and got rid of the debris, we picked up a load of compost.

We got it half unloaded and called it a day.

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