Friday, June 10, 2011

Empty Nest

With the birds leaving the nest, I have an empty nest to deal with.  So I removed as much as I could with gloves on.

Then I hosed the plant down, and the bench underneath it.  There are a few stains on the bench, but hopefully time will take care of that.

This morning I spent a couple of hours on the back bed. 
Here's what it looked like after yesterday's work.

After today's work it looks like this.

Front view, yesterday,.............

and today's front view.

Here's what I salvaged, rocks---lots of rocks.  This was my dumping ground for the rocks I found when digging the trench beside the house in 2008.  I had too much on my plate at that time to figure out something creative to do with them.  So maybe this time I can do that, maybe.

I also dug up some vinca, and what I call monkey grass that was being overtaken by the  "jungle ground cover".
Here's what it looks like when planted right, and nothing else is impeding it's growth.

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