Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Today I got outside early and finished deweeding the front rock way.  I cut back the ivy and pulled up most of the Johnny-jump-ups.  It looks a lot better--a whole lot better.

The whole time I was out there the Momma and Papa Finch were chirping at me to get away from their babies.  The babies are chirping now and I saw them preening their feathers, but they hunker down when I take their pictures.

This picture below is from yesterday, and...............

These last two pics are taken today.  I'm not sure how many birdies are in there.  Today I noticed two adult females and one male tending the nest.
Their nest is not a pretty sight.

Here's some pretty though.

The flowerbeds out back aren't as far along.
I removed the sticks and twigs from this flower bed.  I think these flowers will be fine now--hopefully the critters will stay out.

Elephant ears are starting to unfurl their first leaves.

My embroidery is just sitting there--it's hard for me to enjoy more than one hobby at a time.  My flower beds can't wait, or the weeds will take over.

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