Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bye, Bye, Birdies, and Yard Work

This was the nest yesterday morning---you can see three little birds.
They were getting pretty brave, one in particular.
Then two of them got brave and let me take their picture without cowering.
One flew the nest mid-morning, then in the evening another one took off.
That left one lonesome little birdie this morning.
So I went to work on my overgrown flower bed--whew--what a job!
The pile on the left in the pic below is what I removed.  This is what happens when you let ground cover take over.  I have a ton of more work to do on it.
I went to check on the nest after this, and it was empty

Next I tackled this mess.  I removed a volunteer bush, and trimmed back the mint also.
Now it looks much better.

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  1. look at those little cutie pies. pretty soon the last baby will be gone too.