Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I love this time of year when my annual flowers are blooming well.  Impatiens, and baby's breath here.

Saturday we worked real hard removing vines, my hubby and I.
We got all the underbrush cleared and some vines dug up--what a hot job working under that bush. 
We had to take another load of brush to the leaf dump, and boy was it a load.  I would say we got our $3 worth out of that trip.

The old compost bin got devined as well.

This morning I worked a couple of hours digging up this area and removing a lot of roots.

It's slow work, but I need the exercise, and this is one form of exercise that I enjoy. 
It does wear me out though.  My BP gets pretty low, and I think that slows me down.  Soon I will be able to start working the compost into the soil.

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