Thursday, June 2, 2011

Projects I'm Working On

My garden is under control with all my plants planted, so now I'm doing some quilting and embroidery.  I finished piecing this quilt and got started basting it this morning---I'm almost done, but my fingers are a little sore--throbbing actually.

I'm planning on quilting it by hand, so I will hang this around my neck while I'm quilting it to keep my thread and handy-dandy-thread-cutter handy.  I'm using 12 weight variegated green thread for a change.  This will call for a larger needle and larger stitches.

Here's another project I worked on today--a pillow case with cross-stitch on it.

I cannot believe how much these birds have grown in one day--WOW!

They'll probably fly the coop tomorrow as fast as they are growing.


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