Monday, June 21, 2010

Katydid Pouch

I made a little pouch to keep buttons in from garments that have extra buttons on them.  I keep it in my dressing room.  It's made like the Cherry Needlebook and the Dragonfly Pouch.
Some Katydids are just a little bit freaky to me.

The one above is probably most likely the one mine is modeled after.
The one below, however, is just creepy--almost as creepy as the crickets Erin has under her house.
How do you like this pink one?
When Erin first move into her house she had one of these brown cricket like bugs with gianormous legs --in her house and it had gotten into her boot.  She felt something against her leg so she checked it out, and Waa-laa!  It was one of those bugs, and of couse she come unglued squeeling and shooing this bug which hangs on tight until they jump so quick and far you have no idea where they are.  Well it jumped----and it took us a minute to find it---on my leg----it was my turn to come unglued, and I did.

My katydids don't have legs and they aren't creepy--they're cute.
Below you can see the pouch.  It's felt on the inside.
He has a big friendly mouth to store things.
The back side shows the shape of the body/pocket.  I used two different Batik fabrics for the wings and body.
Big blue glass beads are the eyes.
We had a wonderful Father's Day Supper at our house with lots of food and relatives yesterday.

Smoked Brisket with BBQ Sauce
Baked Beans
Deviled Eggs
Fruit and Dip
Chocolate Pies


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  1. This was suppose to be called a cicada pouch--I forgot. At least that is what it was called in the book I got the pattern from. I don't own the book, but I found some notes I had made on the Cicada Pouch in my book of plans. It does look more like a Cicada than a Katydid; especially with the bug eyes.