Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fabric Bowl and Pincushion

Here we have another project with felt.  The petals are two different sizes; the small one is felt covered in fabric that is 1/2 inch larger all around, and basted in place on the back side, in the same way as the Cherry Needlebook.  The large petal is stitched to the back of the small fabric covered felt petal. 
The five petals are then stitched together by overlapping them a little.  A small pentagon felt piece is stitched to the center for the bottom of the bowl.  The pincushion is just a large circle of fabric that is gathered and stuffed.  The beads are added last.
Sometimes when I am adding beads to a project I put the beads in this bowl to scoop the beads up on my beading needle.  If I make another one I will cover the felt pentagon with fabric and then add another felt piece to the back before sewing it in place, and then make the pincushion out of felt.  I think I would like that better.  And maybe add seed beads to the pincushion just for fun.  I like beads, can you tell?

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