Monday, June 7, 2010


 Here are some tags I made a while back.  The black and white pics are of my siblings and I---(some of them anyway--it was before the last two siblings were born).
The "think spring"one in the middle is about my grandkids in 2006.  The picture is on a flap that opens to reveal more pics inside.  There have been two more grandkids born since this picture was taken, but I love that picture.

We had a family garage sale with 8 to 10 households contributing to raise some money for a loved one.
It was at my niece, Niki's house.  It was a good time to spend a few days together--almost like camping, my niece said.  Lots of fun and we raised a little money too.  We're all tired now though.
My niece is such a great organizer--can you tell?  Wow--that's all I can say.

The kids had a snow cone stand, and did quite well.
We had lot's of toys....
cookies, water, kitchen items, bedding, books, games, home decor, handcrafts, clothes, all kinds of baby name it; I even brought some Rudbeckia (Black-eyed Susan) perinnial variety, and sold them all.  I think I had about 50 plants or so.
And one of my very  favorite parts was...
holding Sophie!  I think she was keeping an eye on Mommy here.  She is pretty attached to her right now.  What a sweetie.  I just want to smooch on that sweet little face.

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