Saturday, June 19, 2010

Painted Classroom

A few years ago I painted the interior of two modular buildings.   My daughter Erin helped me that summer.  I used silver metallic paint and white and greys.
The picture below is suppose to look like blocks falling out of the sky.  An interior decorator sketched up roughly what she wanted on the walls, and then I drew it up, and Erin and I painted it.
The following picture shows a checker board look with the perspective of looking at it from a distance.
I designed a wheel of wisdom for a teaching tool.  Our son-in-law, Jeff, built it (he's so handy) using a bicycle wheel on the inside of it.  I painted it in all kinds of faux finishes.  It's quite the amazing contraption.  It spins real well.
We have new computers picked out, but we have to order them, so it may be a while before we get them.
Our daughter, Erin helped us shop for them on-line, but I'm so old-school that I want to go to the store and order them.  I will be blogging about things in the past, until the new computers are up and running.  I miss my printer-scanner-copier, and my picture program on our desktop--Whaaa!  I may have to learn a new picture program since we will be updating our computers---I'm not crazy about that idea, but what do you do?  I guess my mind needs stretched some more.


  1. Oh memory lane! That was quite a project and it turned out pretty well but I don't miss those trailers!

  2. I know what you mean. That second trailor was extremely hard since I had to do it mostly by myself. Kind of burned me out and I haven't painted since. I sure missed my sidekick--Big Time!