Thursday, June 24, 2010

Big Bags

I love these bags; they are big enough to hold lots of things.  I've made three of them, and gave my daughter one of them.  I got the pattern out of one of my favorite craft books called Sew Pretty Homestyle.
I made a little small bag to attach to the handle of the blue one.  I keep my rolled up measuring tape in there.
I really like little decorative embellishments on my bags.  It's beaded strawberries for the tiny bag, and a rose for the blue bag. 
The pink one has a different flower look to it.
Today we are starting another garage sale to help a loved one in need with the proceeds.
As soon as I'm done here I'm going into my hot attic to look for items to sell.  We set up at 1 pm today.
Tomorrow the enjoyment part begins---being with our relatives for 2 days while things sell.  You see it's another multifamily garage sale.  This time it's at our youngest daughter, Erin's house just down the street.  She has an excellent location and an empty garage.  I pray we do well; we always have lots of good stuff.

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  1. The embellishments on all of your projects are what really make them! I'm looking foreward to this weekend too.
    ☺ Celeste