Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dry Embossed Cards

   I really enjoy dry embossing cards; it's just too much fun!
This is a card that I made for one of my Grandsons--Cole.
I surprise myself once in a while that I am at all able to come up with something that isn't girlish.
The cards below were for our "Iowanian (I love that word) Grandchildren" (They're from Iowa).  I know its really suppose to be Iowan, but that's not as fun.
Cole's birthday and Cyle's are both in April, and so Jennifer sometimes has their parties together.  These cards were actually made a few years ago, but I just happened to take a picture of them all.  Erin made the first one, then mine, and lastly Celeste's card. 
Cyle's cards were handmade also.  Sometimes I call him "Cyle E. Wyote"--you know--a take on "Wyle E. Coyote".
The card below was one I made for a lady that contributed to the class I taught on making Kaleidoscopes.
I also enjoy using my paper crinkler.  What fun. 
The paper with scalloped edges I made by dry embossing the leather or alligator texture, then I rubbed it with distressing ink and a sponge, and then last I painted it with acrylic varnish, which gave it a leather look.  I love that look.  If I had used a tan or brown cardstock, it really would have looked like leather. 
The leaves were cut out first, folded in half lengthwise, and then run through the crinkle roller at an angle.  I also used distressing ink on them to accent the crinkles and edges.

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