Monday, May 10, 2010

Sewing and Mother's Day Dinner

   I made a couple of small bags.  I use them occasionally when I have something to wear that they go with. 
They have nothing in them here, so they are flat, but they are real cute with things in them.  They hold enough to get by with.  I made a couple more, but again, I didn't get pictures of them.  I sent them to my daughter,Jennifer and granddaughter, Brittany and they turned out real cute.  I used more contemporary fabric with those two.

I made some journal covers also.
I actually took a picture of them before I gave them away.  I got the patterns for these as well as the bags on  tutorials off of different blogs, but I didn't make a note of where---sorry.

Here's a close-up of them.  I made a couple more that I don't have pictures of---I'm so bad.  I gave one to Celeste (daughter #2) for her birthday.  It was so cute with applique on it, but that one got away before I got a picture of it.

I and my hubby have been working with our youngest daughter this last week doing yard work.  We started taking out another tree, but the chain jumped off of the chain saw bar, and I think it bent the chain as well.  We have all kinds of fun, but that doesn't stop us.  We built a dog pen, because one of her dogs is an escape artist despite everything else she has tried.  I will post some pics of that soon.
Erin and her cousin Marie had their Moms (my sister, Donna and I) and sisters and their families over for Mother's Day Dinner after church yesterday.  It was very relaxing and delicious:

Potatoes and Carrots
Salad and Dressing
Cups of Trifle

What more could you want--Yummy!
I forgot to take pictures.


  1. need to remember to take more pictures! :)

  2. Yes, I do. I was just enjoying it too much to put my mind in gear. Thank you sweetie.