Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bags Galore

While I've been on the subject of bags, I will show some more bags.  This first one I made is from a book I bought--I think it's called Pretty Home Made.  I love that book.  With some of these bags I changed the pattern a little to make them bigger, different--whatever I wanted to do.  I love this first one.

   This is a group of pictures below of the same three bags that I made larger.  I also made my hubby one this size out of camouflage to keep his meds in.

As you can see below, I put labels on the leaves.
I made three bags for my MIL, but for some reason my computer refuses to upload any more pics, so I guess this is all I get to post.  Maybe later it will be in a better mood----it's cranky right now.
Well, here we go!  It's working again--YaHoo!  The above bags were made for my MIL, but she only took one--it's not pictured was a medium size bag in the same material as the two matching ones.
My columbine are just beautiful, so I just had to take more pictures of them.
I also took pictures of the beautiful clouds--just look past all the power lines.  A progression of God's handwork--WOW!  I am just continually amazed.

I enjoy playing around with pictures so here's the Moon:
Sorry, I know that's just weird---but---it was fun.  You can make out the face just a little bit.