Thursday, May 6, 2010

Girls At Work

My youngest daughter and I have been gardening, but first I have to show you some pictures of my garden that I took this afternoon.   Here are my chives.

Next we have some sweet rocket--which smells heavenly.

I love the colors of spring.  I wish you could smell these. 

Next we have some columbine just starting to bloom.
And a close-up of a red and yellow one.  I really like  solid yellow ones best, but they were harder to get to.

Now, for the work!!---Here we go---
She and I repaired her patio that we built a few years ago.  The front end had kind of fallen away;  we think the downspout drainage was the problem.  After diverting the downspout drainage, we had to build up the front edge and  redo the pavers to four pavers back from the front edge and more in some areas.  Then she swept sand into the cracks.

Before we finished that--Hubby came along to help take out a walnut tree.  That was rather tramatic, and I didn't get pictures of that.  With God's help we didn't die--not kidding!!  The tree fell in the right direction with Erin and I pulling on a rope tied to it.  If the other tree branches hadn't caught it, it might have landed on us.  It was probably 25 feet tall, I'm guessing, but it was scarry.  We got that cut up and hauled off.  It might have been 30 feet high, or more, I have no idea.  I just know I was  really nervous, and we are not lumber jacks!

The next thing we tackled was her huge forsythia grove.
First we trimmed it back, then we noticed the bushes had reproduced, and about ten bushes had to be removed.  We had luck last year with the pick-up and a heavy chain to remove some bushes--so, we tried that--the bottom two pictures above show what happened.  It just stripped the leaves off of the stems.  We had to dig every one of them up--Aack!!!
Here is the final result.



  1. It's looking good! Good luck with your project today. I hope nobody dies!
    ☺ Celeste

  2. It's kind of hard to believe that all that happened in one day! It sure does look a lot better though! Thanks again for all your help this week!

  3. I do enjoy working, and thank God that he has given me the ability to do so. I'm glad that I can halfway keep up with you, Erin. You do get to do the hard things though. We are getting a few sore muscles by doing things we don't normally do. Celeste, we worked on the dog pen yesterday, and no one died. Thank Jeff for the advice. Hope to finish it today--we'll see.

  4. What a pretty yard you have! I have the same things coming up in my yard right now, but they aren't in bloom yet. Maybe it's the snow we had this week? A little chilly, but warmer days are on the way!