Friday, May 21, 2010

Brown Needle Book

This is another needle book that I made.  This one is actually in book form with cardboard, padding, and liner for the book binding.  The blanket-stitched edges of the pages are of felt, and stitched to a center spine.  It is about 3-4"  square when closed by a ribbon that is sewn between the lining and outer cover of the book.
This is my plan book below, and when I run across something I want to make I write it in this book with sketches and measurements and all.
 The page below is what I went by.  I don't know if you can figure out how I made it by my instructions, but you can click on the picture if you're interested.
Here is a picture of it open.
The picture below is the one I used in the header of my Blog.

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