Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is It Snowing?

 This actually took place a few weeks ago, and I'm just now getting around to posting about it.  Our daughter, Celeste and her family came over so Jeff could repair our riding lawn mower.  Yeah!  Our grandkids discovered that the dogwood was dropping it's white petals and gathered some of  them up and threw them up in the air, so I told them to do it again and I would go get my camera.  Here are some of my sweet grandbabies (that's a grama term--and they let me get by with it).
In the sky in the picture above you can see a storm approaching--When it hit a few moments later, our bumper crop of whirligigs come raining down with the wind--It actually sounded like rain before the rain started.
And here is our sweet Sophie--she's growing like a weed, but a whole lot cuter.
Below is our great son-in-law, Jeff, fixing our mower--wonderful!!!  We have had so much trouble with that mower.  Now my hubby can mow--YES!!  It's pretty nice having a "gear-head" in the family.  I think he can fix anything.  He is sooooo good to help us.
Don't look at our messy garage--That's mostly my doin's.  I have so many hobbies and a lot of junk goes with that.  You should see our attic--Yikes!!!  My hubby is neat as a pin, and this goes against his grain a little.  We are planning on a multifamily garage sale at my niece, Niki's house real soon--so this should improve, I hope.  Here is something else I'm making for a fund raiser for someone who's needing a little help.
I've made 12 of them and I'm getting ready to make some diaper & wipes totes.


  1. What beautiful little bags you've created! They look like Vera Bradley. I keep checking back to see if you and Celeste have the etsy shop up. I would love to help out your friend in need.

    I am hosting a giveaway. Please stop by and enter!


  2. Oh, I love the bags!!! You're so talented!
    ☺ Celeste