Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Great Niece's Quilt

  This is a quilt I made for my great niece.  She's a real cutie.  She enjoys playing with our little grandchild Evelyn.  They are so cute together, and pretty close in age.  Playing grown up the way they do--Cute!  I named this quilt Spring Garden, if I remember right.
It is the combination of two kinds of quilt blocks--the nine-patch, and the snowball.  I like the bright colors of this quilt even though it seems bright for a baby quilt. 

Here it is bound and labeled.

This photo was made with a flash so it is a little washed out,  but you can see the blocks pretty well.


  1. Such a beautiful Quilt.. just stumbled upon your blog and I need to read more...
    I also love needle work of all sorts...
    Very nice!
    I'll be back!



  2. Love this one! It kind of has a tropical feel to me with the dark green fabric.
    ☺ Celeste

  3. And Roma and I LOVE her quilt!! Its so beautiful! Thanks Aunt Jerri!