Friday, July 1, 2011

New Geraniums And A New Project

I've been wanting a couple of geraniums, so I picked up a couple of forlorn looking plants at Wally World,  hopefully they will do better with some TLC.

Yesterday I watered my newly planted flowerbed in which I have some plants and some seeds.

On the end where my seeds are I noticed steam rising from the bed after I turned the hose off.
Can you see it?  It's pretty hot here.

I have a new handwork project.  I have always wanted an apple core project.
Here it is.  Red, Blue, tans, and creams.

Some are cut out.  I want to get them all cut out, and then organize my little project so I can work on it when I'm sitting around.

I trace my template on a fat quarter, then stack several layers, pin and cut out.  I can do the cutting when I'm sitting around too.  I like to keep my hands busy.


  1. That is the shape of the template that I am using for my patchwork project. They call it that because of it's shape.