Monday, July 25, 2011

Thyme And Memory

Here's twenty day's growth (from the next picture) of my thyme I started from seed in March.
It's grown like a weed.

Elephant ears too.

Teaching Vacation Bible School left me in a paper crafting mood.  I'm wanting to memorize Isaiah's fifty-third chapter.  It's only 12 verses--twelve long verses, and in the past I've memorized passages this way.   A little beauty in your memorizing makes it fun--easier to tote around, too.

A little printed paper, computer, printer, card stock, scissors, stamps, string, hole punch, photo stickers, and distressing ink is all it takes---and a little fun time. 
 Now, I need to clean up my mess.  My hubby says he likes cleaning up my messes, but I don't really believe him--He just likes a clean house--(I think he might be a little OCD, as my daughter used to say about her Jack Russell Terrier).

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