Saturday, July 30, 2011

Butterflies, Bees, And Beetles

My hollyhocks are finally blooming without being eaten by the creepy Japanese Beetles.  I think the Beetles have gone away for the summer--YEA!

I love to hang out my sheets--It gives such a pleasant smell to our bedroom.

The Japanese Beetles also ate my Dahlias before they all left, so now I have some pretty flowers blooming now.  My Crepe Myrtle looks better too.

This flower is a fancy-schmancy-bi color Dahlia.  I have lots of these bees around my flowers.  I bought this Dahlia as a tuber this spring.  It gets real tall.

This is one I started from seed.  I love the color.  There are lots of butterflies in my garden now.

This butterfly prefers my petunias.  Butterflies do have favorite plants.
We learned that at the butterfly exhibit at the park last year.  The greenhouse had lots of plants and butterflies, and someone was there telling all about butterflies.  You could see the chrysalis stage, and just about every stage.  To attract certain butterflies, you needed certain plants.  It was all very interesting.

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