Monday, July 11, 2011

Apple Core Update

It's been very hot here over 100 degrees yesterday.  Terrible.  I have been working on my apple cores though.

Here's where I am now.  Six rows of eleven apple cores completed.  I'm not sure how many rows I will do to get it to the length I want to drape over each end of the table.  I'm guessing maybe 30, but we'll see.  Here is my inspiration.

Row number 7 in the works here.

 This is the ring pincushion I made for my applique pins that are nice and short.  They work great for this project.  It's made from a water bottle cap, and some elastic.  I wish I had used a little wider elastic so it didn't roll around as much though.  I bored two holes in the cap with a hot ice pick then threaded elastic through the two holes and tied a knot fitting it to my finger.  Then I glued a stuffed gathered circle of fabric to the inside of the cap, and glued on some ric-rac---pretty simple.
Very handy.
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  1. I got one of those years ago. However, I used it so much the elastic stretched. Now I have to take it all apart to put new elastic on it. That has not happened.

  2. Love your Apple Core! It is going to be fabulous.

  3. Make an elastic with Velcro and add Velcro to the cap. When it wears out u can put a new piece on it.