Friday, March 25, 2011


I took a couple of pictures in my yard--signs of Spring---YEA!

 I finished my Sleep Study this morning; I don't know the results, and I won't find out til May, but I sure am glad that torture is over with.  I had ten wires glued to my head, five patches with wires stuck on my face, two wires taped underneath my nose, a nasal cannula stuck in my nose, two patches with wires stuck to my chest, four patches with wires on my legs, a pulse ox taped to my finger, and a belt strapped to my belly, and another one strapped to my chest.  Each of these were connected to wires that were swirling around my body and head then plugged into a mother board above my bed.  (Sorry, no pictures.)  Next they turned out the lights and told me to go to sleep.  Moving sleeping positions was a monumental task---and I was suppose to sleep?  What an ordeal!!  I am tired because I didn't sleep very well, but I bet I sleep tonight.  I am exhausted.  One good thing is that they didn't need to come in and hook me up to a C PAP machine in the night, so I guess I was breathing alright.