Monday, March 14, 2011

Productive Saturday

We had a busy Weekend.  I finished all the blocks and joined them into rows of blocks on my current project.
I still need to sew three rows together, so I can add the borders you see here and corner blocks.
I got some flower seeds planted in pods, and ordered some more seeds--Yea!

I cleared out one of my flowerbeds of last years dead growth.  Which inspired my hubby to---

Cut down the pampas grass (it's not really pampas grass, but the northern states version of it-- Miscarianthus--or something like that--who cares?).

Next hubby got out the grinder-upper to make me some mulch--wonderful mulch!  The slugs hate this stuff, cause it shreds their slimy little bodies, which is why I love it, because they stay away from it.  They don't eat my petunias when I use this mulch--Yea hubby!
I wish I had gotten a picture of the huge pile of the cut down pampas grass--sometimes I'm too in the moment to remember my camera.
He grinds this stuff up and it fills this bag with the grindage, and when that's full he dumps it in the big ole can to save it until I'm ready to use it.  As you can see I've repaired the bag many times.  Good old polyester is good for this--it tough.
Yes sir, yes sir, many bags full.  I got two big cans full of this stuff.  Watch out slugs here I come.
When I wasn't taking pictures of hubby I was sewing on my quilt by the back door watching him too.  Inside is a good place to be when he's running that contraption--it's LOUD! 


  1. I love love love your quilt.

  2. Those borders are fabulous! What a great way to punch up a basic quilt pattern.