Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Plans

Although it's cold and dreary outside, we need the rain. 
This is a picture of our pond with a periwinkle blooming on the edge.
Today I planted some more seeds.
I now have:
11 single Hollyhocks
28 Thyme
23 Double Hollyhocks
13 Evening Scented Stocks
10 Deep Purple Nicotiana-Perfume
17 Antique Lime Nicotiana-Perfume
12 Whisper Nicotiana
12 Dahlias
12 Phlox
7 Baby's Breath-annual
18 Alyssum
24 Orange Gem Marigolds
24 Pinks (Dianthus)

Here are my Double Hollyhocks seedlings:

In bulbs and tubers I have:

5 single Hollyhocks
6 Tall Dahlias
24 Glads
3 Phlox
2 Peony's
15 Elephant Ears

For direct seed sowing I have:
Morning Glories
Spider flowers
Baby's Breath-annual---(Which need to be planted in two week intervals)

Alice, this post is for you.

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