Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rained Out

Our church people were doing some work at a camp in Mt. Vernon.  
We---hubby, daughter, and I went to help, but so many people showed up that we were just twiddling our thumbs.  We decided to go back home and work on Erin's yard.  First we went downtown and hubby showed us where his father used to work when he was the County Accessor years and years ago.

His office was on the second story of this building.  The two windows were in his office,

Once we got back home, we raked up twigs and leaves in Erin's backyard, and then started burning them in her fire pit.  We had already burned a ton when I took this picture.
Hubby just kept adding to the pile.
It started to sprinkle just a little bit, so I decided to clear out the winter debris from her side flower bed. I felt a big lump of something and turned it over; something started wiggling in my hand, so I squealed, not knowing what it was, and---Lo, and behold--it was baby bunnies.
I think there were about six of them.  They were not too happy about my discovery either.  They started jumping like they were trying to scare me, so I covered them back up.
My camera's flash didn't want to work so the pictures are a little dark, but I think you can kind of make them out.

BACK TO WORK!---That's one of our favorite lines from many movies.
It started raining, so hubby and daughter covered the pile up for another day.
That's it for today's adventures.

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