Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Work Station For Me

I've finally got back to work on this UFO Table Quilt.  I think I didn't want to sew in my sewing room so I relocated my sewing machine.  Sorry this picture is so crummy, but I'll get a better one when it's finished.

There's lots of light here from the patio door and I don't block going in and out the door.  I think I'll enjoy it more here.
I'm starting on my fourth row.  My favorite way to sew is in my jammies early in the morning.  Ah, the promise of a new day.
I need seven rows of seven blocks total, and I'm almost halfway there.  Yea!
I love to sew quilts.  I'm not sure this set up will work for when I quilt it, though.  I may have to move to the big table.

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