Saturday, March 12, 2011

Planting Seeds

It's that time--about four or five weeks before planting time.
Yesterday I rounded up some seeds for my flower beds.  Most of these I've grown before, but this next one is new to me--the old-fashioned, single bloom, Hollyhock.  It gets pretty tall.  I'm not sure, but they might not need staking.

I have Thyme planted on the left, and Hollyhocks on the right.

The Thyme seeds are very tiny, so I bought something to help me drop the right amount of seeds per pod.  You can see the tiny seeds in the plunger.  The Thyme is new to me also.  I plan on planting them between the rocks in my rock path.
In two weeks I need to start the marigolds, and the Cleome--we've always called them Spiderflowers.
The Morning glories I plan on sowing them where I want them to grow--these are gorgeous when in bloom--especially on the south side of the plants.  Spring's a comin'.

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