Monday, July 26, 2010


This is an oil painting that I painted for my in-laws.  It's a barn that my Father-in-law worked at in 1934 before he got drafted into the Army and disabled in WWII in 1945.  This is what the place looked like in the early 1970's--I painted it from a photo that we took in the 70's.
This is another picture (below) that I painted in oils.  I used to do a lot more painting than I do now.  I think I got burned out on painting when I painted these classrooms.  I may take it up again sometime--we'll see.  I have kind of wanted to do a painting or two of cows ever since I saw this post on DustyLu's Blog.  I just have too many hobbies.
Above are a group of paintings that I have in our Guest Room.

The picture below is another oil painting I did for my In-laws.  It's of a windmill that was close to the farm that my father-in-law grew up on.  My FIL actually saw a man who hanged himself on this windmill, and my MIL wanted me to paint this very windmill for his birthday--so I did.  (Hmm, very interesting.)  I know this windmill looks short, but it actually was short--not like most I've seen.

The picture below is an acrylic painting I did for my Mom, who is no longer with us, and I miss her.  She wanted a painting of old milk cans by a gate.  I see so many things I would change if I were to paint it now.  The problem with being a painter is you have to look at your paintings, and see lots of things you would like to change in most of them--especially the older paintings.

Below, this is another acrylic painting I did for my Mom.  She was my biggest encourager in my painting endeavors.  I would like to change a lot about this painting too.

And here's a close-up.  This is actually one of the first acrylic paintings I did.

This next small painting was one of four that I made alike in size and frames.  I sold one of them and I'm not sure what happened to the others.  They may be in my attic.

The following acrylic painting I did for my dad--I miss him, too.  We all had so much fun as a family--so many wonderful memories.  I was so blessed with wonderful parents.

This, below, is a close-up of the large oil painting in the group of paintings photo above.  It was one of my first oil paintings.  I think my actual first paintings that I painted I threw away--ugly.
I have more that I could show you, but I need a new scanner to show them to you.  I no longer have the paintings, someone else does, but I have photos of them made from negatives--remember those?  I've done some watercolors also, but other people have them, and I'm not sure if I have pictures of them either.
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  1. The first one is too good, Oh, I love your paintings.. I wish i am one among your relatives to get your paintings :-) . They are good. Keep going.. And, I tried my first image in Photoshop, very simple and childish.. Please check it at and comment Please..

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  3. You are a very talented lady - beautiful!

    Punkin Seed Productions

  4. snicker, snicker, ha ha ha, I laugh everytime you talk about the windmill picture. It was kind of a strange request!