Friday, July 9, 2010

GPS Bag and Thread Catchers

My hubby and I went to Eureka Springs yesterday and it was a pleasant trip in spite of the rain all day long.  We took this little bag--it holds his GPS--he enjoyed playing with it and I enjoyed my quilt magazines.  
We ate at the Bavarian--a German Restaurant--and it was very nice.  So were the prices!  
I made this bag manly looking because he likes to hide it when we get out of the car.

Below are some thread catchers I made.  I got the instructions on some one's Blog I think.  I have made a ton of these.  I made one each for each of the girls in the embroidery class I was teaching.
 I like to have one of these close to my machine when I am sewing.  It makes for less of a mess--you know--  not so many threads throughout the carpet in house.
I'm particularly fond of the patriotic one here.
It requires eight strips of material, some machine sewing, and quite a bit of hand sewing--which I enjoy.
I found the link I got it off of here.  It's a very nice tutorial.

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