Monday, August 2, 2010

A Summer Bag and Summer Fun

I made a new bag today.  I wanted a summer looking bag, and I had the instructions for a purse tutorial from some one's blog written in my notebook--so I just got with it and made one.  I'm sure I will have to wash it often since it's white, but it's washable.  I used thicker cotton filler cord than it called for, so I should have made the sleeve a little bit wider, but --OH WELL.
Here is the first part below; I made two of these.  I quilted batting to one side of each of the two assemblies before joining them together.
In the following picture I'm joining the ends of the covered cotton filler cord and cover before burying the joinery in the sleeve.  I made one 27" handle for each side.
Filled and ready to go.
Thursday we went to the lake with our relatives and friends.
There was a lot of tubin' goin' on.
Just look at those clouds--beautiful.  We had a good day.  The kids also went wake boarding, but I was on shore with my sister and brother-in-law while that was going on and didn't get any pictures.
I think the kids flipped the tube 3 or 4 times and dumped all four of them out.  I think Erin found out what it was like to tube with 3 boys who were out to have fun--two cousins and her boyfriend.  After we got finished with it all we let the kids tube on the way back and a storm blew up.  It was quite an ordeal getting the pontoon out of the water with the wind blowing so hard.  Good thing my nephews were there to help guide the boat onto the trailer.
Fun, Fun, Fun.


  1. Love your summer purse. You make it look easy to make. Looks like great fun at the lake too.

  2. This was possibly the easiest bag I have made, and it was quick,too. I may make another one soon.