Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sewing Room/Craft Room Hidey Hole

 I've been needing to sew for my granddaughter's Birthday.  Lately when I needed to sew, I just took my sewing machine to the kitchen table--cause the sewing room was packed with STUFF.  Now, I want to be able to go off and leave my sewing without having to put it up.
I didn't get any before pics, but trust me it was a mess.  It's not as neat and tidy as it could be, but I know where everything is.  AND it's a whole lot cleaner than it was.  Since inheriting some of Hubby's parents things it's been a mess--you couldn't even walk through it.  I just set things in there until I could get to sorting through it, but now it's done--Wa-hoo! 

I could do with some table skirts and curtains for the wall shelves, but this will have to do for now. I've got extra folding tables in there, extra stools, an exercise bike, and a lounging chair that folds up, a step stool, and it's a very small room. It looks like chaos, but it's not.
And here's MY SWEET JANOME.  Wa-hoo!  Yes, it's a sweetie.
To the left of the sewing machine, behind the wardrobe I have all my scrap booking stuff, AND there are bookshelves I haven't shown here.  It's just amazing what all is in this room.  Craft Heaven.


  1. Wow, it looks pretty good in there!

  2. I too just reorganized the"DUMP" room into my craft room. Mine is a lot like yours, but I know where everything is and I have my sewing machine and serger out where I can use them as needed. Love your posts,