Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Black As A Pirate's Heart

Black as a Pirate's heart----that's what Erin said about the water.  We uncovered our pool to find black water. The reflection looks nice, but not the water.  Our work is cut out for us.
Here's hubby setting up the pump and salt-water system.
The skimmer is put in place. It's a family project.
Where would we be without Erin's help---Thank-you daughter dear.  She is her daddy's right arm.
Now it's the filters job to clean things up.  As you can see it's doing its job.  Soon I'll be able to jump in and get all the leaves off of the bottom and scrub the walls.  We could use the pool vacuum, but I work much faster.


  1. Pools can be great in summer, but boy! they look like a lot of work to keep them pristine, still it'll be worth it during your hot summer months when you can enjoy a refreshing dip!!!!!

  2. We are going to shock the pool and add algae killer to the water next. My hubby enjoys cleaning the pool--I call him Mr. Clean.