Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gagets And Memorials

I made another couple of thimble holders; the small one has a felt roll of applique pins inside it for my scissors fob.  The big one has two of my favorite thimbles and a couple of needles in my needle grabber.
On Memorial Day we remembered our parents.  Erin, Me, and Alice here at our Mom and Dad's grave (Grand Parents in Erin's case).
While we were there we went by the old homestead--The people who bought it are taking care of it nicely.
This year Hubby's Mom was remembered--she passed away almost a year ago.
Hubby and Erin here.  While we were there we ran into Erin's pediatrician's nurse from when Erin was little and she recognized Erin.  It's a small world.


  1. Those little thimble holders are great, I love mine, but would love to make another with different fabric. Isn't it funny when you think about grandparents who have passed away it's always nice to drive by their old family home now and then! I did that a few years ago, and the man who lives there now was very gracious and invited my brother and I inside.
    There were a few renovations, and he was very interested to know the things that had changed in the house. It was also quite an emotional visit, as I just loved my grandparents and their house and always wanted one just like theirs!!! Like yours it was kept in very good condition!!!

  2. I would love to go inside the house, but we never stop, just a drive by. They have been gone 19 and 21 years, and I still miss them and dream about them alot. Heaven's a dearer place now.